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How to make your wine list sell more

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Have you ever wondered how to make your wine list sell more?

Discover how transitioning to a digital wine list can open new opportunities for your business and how to make your wine list sell more.

If you’re still in the process of building or updating your wine program, don’t miss our upcoming post: ‘How to build your restaurant wine list.’

How to make your wine list sell more - tips & tricks

1. Organize your wine list

An effectively organized wine list is crucial, not just for aesthetics but for boosting sales and enhancing the dining experience. Consider these strategies to guide your guests to the perfect wine choice:

By style and type: group wines by their characteristics (e.g., „bold reds,” „crisp whites”) which not only aids those with specific preferences but also encourages exploration beyond familiar choices.
By origin and grape: this traditional method suits guests who appreciate certain regions or are looking for a particular type of grape.
Consider food pairing recommendations: adding pairing suggestions can significantly enhance the dining experience, as well as increase sales of both food and wine.

Avoid organizing by price as it can discourage exploration, leading guests to often opt for the second-cheapest option without considering other wines.

If there is no ideal wine list organization, and if each different way has its own pros and cons, the most important is that a wine list remains understandable to everyone.

2. Switch to a digital wine list to make your wine list sell more

While traditional paper lists have their charm, digital wine lists align with modern dining trends and offer significant advantages:

Flexibility and ease of updates: quickly reflect stock changes, new additions, or seasonal shifts without the need for reprinting, and keep your offerings fresh and relevant.
Enhanced guest interaction: digital menus, accessed via QR code or tablets, offer a richer experience with visuals, detailed descriptions, and additional information about the wine’s background as well as easy ways to search or find a wine.
Cost-effective operations: digital solutions reduce the need for reprinting and allow for dynamic updates.
High return of investment with significant increase of sales and profit.
Staff training: the digital list is a fantastic training tool, enabling staff to quickly learn about the wines, their best food pairings, and detailed tasting notes, all of which equip them to provide informed recommendations and enhance the dining experience for guests.

Do you want to increase sales and optimize the management of your wine list? Contact us now at contact@wikoti.com or directly here to discover our innovative solution to create a digital wine list.

3. Consider these key features of a superior digital wine list

When choosing a digital wine list solution, consider these essential features for maximum benefit:

Customization: ensure the wine list reflects your restaurant’s style and ambiance.
Guest-friendly design: easy navigation and robust filtering options should allow guests to effortlessly find wines that pair with their meals or explore different categories.
Insightful analytics: gain valuable insights into customer preferences and wine popularity. This data-driven approach enables you to make informed adjustments to your wine list, ensuring it always meets demand and maximizes sales.
Multilingual support: accommodate a diverse clientele with multiple language options. This feature is particularly important in cosmopolitan areas or tourist destinations, ensuring all guests can fully engage with your wine list.
Seamless integration: look for a system that can sync with your existing POS and inventory management systems. This integration streamlines operations, ensuring that changes in the wine list are automatically updated across all platforms, from the digital interface to the kitchen and billing systems.

These features will not only enhance the functionality of your digital wine list but will also significantly improve the operational efficiency and customer satisfaction of your restaurant. Make your wine list sell more!

4. Recommendation: why choose wikoti's digital wine list for your restaurant?

Our digital wine list platform is designed to empower restaurants and bars who want to maximize sales and profits generated by their wine program while achieving a balance of elegance and efficiency.

With wikoti, you can definitively enjoy:

Branding consistency: our solution emphasizes your brand, not ours, with customizable options that fit your unique style.
Customization: among the off-the-shelves filters available like food-pairing, regions, color, grapes, wine style, vintage, price, and certifications, select the ones you want to offer to your guests.
Organize your wine list freely by origin, grapes, color, type or any combination in just few clicks.
Optimize selling strategies: quickly add new wines, update descriptions, or adjust prices with just a few clicks. Use insights gained from analytics to promote popular wines or test new offerings.
Easy list building: import curated wine cards directly into your wine list and add your own selections quickly using our AI builder. This feature ensures that your descriptions are appealing, the wine characteristics are accurate, and everything is available in multiple languages through automated translations.
Comprehensive support: you are missing time? We can do the job for you, and you will get in few days a ready to use digital wine list. From training your staff to integrating with existing systems, we provide full support to ensure a smooth transition and continuous operation.

How to make your wine list sell more - conclusion...

Adopting a digital wine list can significantly enhance your ability to sell more wine by making it easier for customers to explore and enjoy your offerings. Embrace our technology to meet modern consumer expectations and improve both operational efficiency and profitability.

If wines consumed in moderation can be healthy, then without a doubt, wines are excellent for your business without any moderation!

Ready to see how a digital wine list can transform your wine sales? Contact us today to schedule a demo and see firsthand the difference it can make in streamlining your wine service and enhancing guest satisfaction.

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